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About Our Organization


TAG FC, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit. It was founded on 02/27/2023 by a group of like minded individuals involved with the local soccer community of Wasco & Lost hills, CA. It will be Doing Business As “ Tigers Athletic Group FC”, or “TAG FC” for short. All with the goal of providing competitive soccer training, growth opportunities, and the showcasing of talent “smaller” communities surrounding our “larger cities” have to offer. TAG FC, Inc. promotes The sport of soccer while also providing instruction and competition to the youth by focusing our principles around RESPECT, HUMILITY, & HEART for the sport of Soccer and the game of life. TAG FC, Inc. started out with one idea and a limited number of volunteers, but has since grown and now holds the hearts of many community members. As it grows its volunteer base, TAG FC, Inc. has been able to implement the training and exposure needed for competitive opportunities through its network of knowledgeable coaching staff and community connections in and outside of our program.

Significant Accomplishments

TAG FC, Inc. has many significant achievements, including and not limited to

  • Competing in various indoor style soccer competitions in California’s central valley

  • Competing in Kern County’s most competitive and affordable soccer league,

“Champions Soccer league”

  • Participating in Tournaments available to us in the surrounding communities.

Awards and Recognition

Currently WE hold no Awards or Recognitions as an organization or soccer club. We do, however, have hopes of one day competing at the highest level available to our youth, and the ability to demonstrate we are more than simple Awards and Recognitions!


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