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Mission Statement

Provide highly competitive educational instruction, knowledge, and opportunities to ALL YOUTH, while developing well rounded individuals whom exhibit good ethical behaviors, morals, and values leading in respect, humility, and heart.

Vision Statement

TAG FC continues to grow, learn, and earn the hearts of the communities near and afar. With growth and establishment, we seek to Provide equal and just opportunities to all soccer youth community members regardless of where they may be in their youthful lives.

Values Statement

RESPECT, HUMILITY, & HEART are the organization’s most valued attributes in any person seeking to compete in the beautiful sport. We Respect all individuals grown and youthful in all communities, especially those seeking to enjoy soccer; We play, celebrate, and accept loss with Humility to show our gratitude toward those who we represent privately and publicly, as well as our opponents’ efforts in achieving their soccer dreams; Finally, we show our HEART every minute of every day, off and most importantly ON! the field for Life and for SOCCER!!


Showcase our players individual and team skills necessary to compete at the highest level of soccer! Expose our youth to as many elite competitive opportunities as possible! Finally demonstrating how anything is possible when you set your mind to it!


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